if you love Gilmore Girls please message me! I need people to fangirl about it with! jkbdm,fdblknxf

  1. seriouslywhoisthisgirl said: I love gilmore girls! It’s on a constant loop!
  2. askforavocado said: *insert fangirling*
  3. foreveracquiesce said: I want to fangirl season 3 because I watched it again recently.
  4. kazbotinwonderland said: You meant there are people who don’t? How bazaar! Message anytime :D
  5. chelseaofthedead said: Gilmore Girls is a lifestyle, not a TV show :)
  6. k-oticmess said: you can always message me about it :)
  7. sarassic-park said: I WILL FANGIRL
  8. regrets-are-pointless posted this